Love it Tuesday: Sweety Fairy Studio Pillows


I stumbled across these cute pillows the other day and fell in love with each one. Sweety Fairy Studio offers adorable pillow covers at a great price. It may have been the buns that caught my eye, but they have a large assortment of illustrations. What a great way to spruce up the home.

Check out their full collection at


A Bun in a Chair

DSC_0515bw DSC_0500bw

Photo sessions can be difficult with animals that have dark fur and it has been an experience learning to photograph Layla. As many times as I have tried to capture her spunky personality with the camera she comes out as a black spot or a blur. Leaving me with very few good pictures. She is also not one to be excited about photo sessions. I often get thumps or she just nudges the camera, but luckily today she played along and I got a few good shots. Even if it was only because I had treats.