The Easiest DIY Toys (PartI)

Layla doesn’t really play with toys aside from boxes. I have bought and made her many different kinds of toys and she has maintained a steady indifference towards most of them. This is a three part guide to the easiest DIY toys, which have all been approved by a very picky bunny.

The first, is the easiest DIY toy on the planet. Do you eat oatmeal? If the answer is yes then you have a toy!

One day while visiting my parents my dad held up an empty oatmeal container and asked if Layla wanted it. I said we could try, figuring it would just be like any other toy. She might chew on it for a day and then forget about it the next. Well, let us just say she fell in love instantly. She was rolling it, flipping it and sticking as much of her body as she could fit inside of the thing. I was amazed at how long her attention lasted. The original container has stood up and remains months later.

It is as easy as removing the lid. Then cleaning it out a bit and handing it to your bun. It is up to your discretion on whether you give them the lid. I gave her it for a while, she seemed to really like it, until I noticed that she was chewing on the plastic more than I liked. A great part about this toy is when your bun decides they are done it can still be recycled.



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