The Easiest DIY Toys (PartII)

Layla doesn’t really play with toys aside from boxes. I have bought and made her many different kinds of toys and she has maintained a steady indifference towards most of them. This is a three part guide to the easiest DIY toys, which have all been approved by a very picky bunny.


Our second easiest DIY toy, which happens to be Laylas favorite, is made from a pill bottle. You can use any container really, but I happened upon a pill bottle because it was something that already needed to find a new purpose. At the time I filled it with a few pellets, just because it was what I had on hand and would be safe in case she did get it open.

This happenstance toy turned out be beyond what I ever imagined. She actually picks it up, moves it, and gives it a shake. For a diva such as Layla that is the ultimate blessing for a toy. After I settled from astonishment, I stared to wonder what made this toy different. I really have come to believe it is the pellets! I have always known she is food driven, but it never occurred to me to make food part of her toy. I think the smell of the pellets is able to escape the bottle which instantly makes the toy seem that much more exciting.

It really is that simple, bottle+pellets and you have on your hands a new toy to be rolled, thrown, and shaken. This would be a great solution for your treat driven bun.


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