Love It Tuesday: Name That Breed


When I first adopted Layla people would ask me what ‘kind’ she was and it was pretty obvious, between her weight of 3 lbs. and lop ears. Layla is a perfect example of a Holland Lop. I also knew a little bit about her home before mine. So I never really had to feel that urge inside to find out more.


Jazz on the other hand is surrounded in mystery. From the moment I adopted him I have not stopped wondering. A family found him outside and dropped him off to the shelter. They were so sweet and wrote a letter about what they did know about him. He was found around christmas and seemed to be friendly. They believed he was a pet belonging to someone in the neighborhood, who had released him. Beyond wondering why a family would think that he could make it in the wild, let alone in the middle of winter is beyond me and is much too sad. I have also been wondering about his breed. Let me tell you he is one beautiful bunny. His coloring, long nose and ears, high arch, and almost 6 lbs. of cuddliness seem so exotic when compared to Layla’s small, dark, round frame. I have tried to look up pictures and figure out what he comes from, but I have been left short.


So, you would understand when I found the Rabbit Type Series I was beyond excited. Basically it is this, people send her pictures of their buns and she walks through the identification process. I just love it! Although the youtube channel seems to be inactive as of the last year, here is to me hoping that she or maybe some of you specialists might have an idea of what breed my sweet monster is.


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