There are so many reasons that a rabbit makes a great choice as a companion animal. From bunny kisses that melt your heart to the infamous bunny attitude, binkies, and flops, the cuteness of a rabbit seems to never end. There is another great reason to get a rabbit as a pet, they are an environmentally friendly pet. Yes it is true, these complex and loving creatures may have one of the smallest footprints, even if they have a big thump.

EnviroBunny is dedicated to the promotion of rabbits as companion animals. This page is the musings of one environmentally conscious rabbit owner. I hope to share my experiences and ideas on caring for your rabbit in an environmentally friendly way. Of course some cute pictures of the bun may show up now and again too!

Meet and Greet

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.50.36 PM

Layla is a three year old holland lop. I adopted her when she was two. She loves kale and dried cranberries. She loves to dig! Boxes or carpeting anything is free game in her mind. Although she may be a small bun, she is not lacking in attitude or flair.

She has gained the nickname of ‘attack bunny’ because of her ability and seeming enjoyment of sneaking up on her humans and other furry friends. When I walk into the room she is often found lurking behind the door or around the corner waiting to hop out in front of my feet. She has also been known to chase the dog.

Aside from her mischievous need to surprise us she is very affectionate and a bit demanding. From the disapproving looks to bossy nudges there is no denying that she is a diva.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 6.33.46 PM

Jazz is the newest addition to the family and I am still getting to know him. He is two years old and I have no idea what breed. He has a beautiful coloring and tall ears. He’s still a little jumpy, but I think that he is coming to love us.

Jazz is the sweetest! He is a definitely a lover. I have never met a bun that loves to cuddle into you as much as he does. He can often be found cuddling into blankets or next to the humans on the bed.

He loves to explore, especially high places. In the short time we have been together I have had to re-bunnyproof the whole room, because he has a way of getting places. I have even caught him on top of the dresser. How he got up there I am still not sure.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.50.46 PM

I believe every child at one point or another dreams of caring for animals and I was no exception. I was raised around animals and had a fondness for our furry friends. This desire has only followed me into adulthood and as a twenty something I felt the need to have a companion animal of my own.

I had never owned a rabbit and knew little of the animal before I adopted Layla. I spent months reading the same online articles over and over trying to prepare myself for what I had my mind set on, a pet rabbit.When I held Layla for the first time I found an indescribable comfort, that no amount of reading could have explained. The best part is that it only got better and the first time that she licked me I knew I had a friend.

Whenever I talk about rabbits I am always amazed at the misunderstandings that are out there about house rabbits and proper care. I wanted to share my experiences and reflections on how amazing house rabbits can be. Honestly, I am still a relatively new bunny owner and am learning something new everyday, but I have grown extremely fond of these small creatures. I do not claim to be an expert on sustainability or rabbits. I am just a person that is making efforts to live consciously and love my companion animals along the way.

welcome and we are excited to meet you!


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