A Snow Day

The weather has been crazy here. A snow storm blew in yesterday and has covered most of the city in snow. The temperature has been staying below the single digits even reaching negative temps. Work and all my events were cancelled today which means I got to have an old fashioned snow day.  Layla and I have spent the day curled up with a quilt while I catch up on some work. Wishing everyone a cozy and happy day!



A Bun in a Chair

DSC_0515bw DSC_0500bw

Photo sessions can be difficult with animals that have dark fur and it has been an experience learning to photograph Layla. As many times as I have tried to capture her spunky personality with the camera she comes out as a black spot or a blur. Leaving me with very few good pictures. She is also not one to be excited about photo sessions. I often get thumps or she just nudges the camera, but luckily today she played along and I got a few good shots. Even if it was only because I had treats.